You can now text and watch videos simultaneously on WhatsApp

WhatsApp had introduced the Picture-in-Picture mode for the Android app back in October, but at the time, it was available only to Android beta users. Now, the new feature has been rolled out for all WhatsApp users on Android (v.2.18.380).

The Picture-in-Picture feature allows users to watch Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos on a small window within WhatsApp itself; you can scroll through your chat while the video’s playing. It works on individual chats as well as groups; but this feature doesn’t apply to video clips that have been shared natively on the app.

How it works: users don’t need to enable any new option in Settings, or install a separate plug-in like with WhatsApp stickers. The PiP feature will automatically work with Facebook, Insta, and YouTube links shared on WhatsApp. Simply hit ‘play’ and a video window will pop up at the top of the chat window.

You can pause,  and also enter fullscreen mode, where you can move the playback forward/backward. To close, simply swipe the video window to any side, out of the phone screen. Alternatively, just exit the chat.

If you don’t have the PiP feature yet, you’re probably due for an app update- head over to the Play Store and install it ASAP. This feature has been available to iPhone Whatsappers since January 2018.