Xiaomi is set to launch a new super-phone to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (Image credit: Future)

We've heard a few rumors now that the next Xiaomi phone will be a super-premium version of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro from earlier in the year - and now news from the company itself is making that look increasingly likely.

Xiaomi has announced it'll be hosting an event on August 11 to celebrate its 10 years of releasing smartphones, and says a new phone will be launched during the event.

Xiaomi doesn't say what this new phone is, but our guess that it'll be the Mi 10 Pro Plus, based on the aforementioned rumors. Given that this is the company's 10-year birthday party, we'd expect any phone it launches to be something of a victory lap, and unveiling a new mid-range device wouldn't quite be that.

Super-premium phones

The Xiaomi Mi 10 series were the company's first real premium phones, as it tends to stick to mid-rangers, but in 2020 a few companies have put out what we'll call 'super-premium' phones, with packed specs sheets and high prices. These include the Huawei P40 Pro Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

So it could be that Xiaomi is readying a new top-end phone to compete with these devices - and the fact that it announced its event just hours before the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch may suggest that Xiaomi is throwing down its glove at Samsung, at least.

The event seems to be a China-only launch, but given that the company tends to launch its products in China then bring them to the rest of the world a few months later, we could get to see this new phone elsewhere by the end of the year.

If a new Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus is launched on August 11 we'll be sure to bring you everything you need to know about it - including an international release date if one is on the cards. If not, maybe this new phone will give us hints about the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 coming later in the year.

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