World's second richest man wins name back

Not registering your own name domain could prove costly
Not registering your own name domain could prove costly

While Carlos Slim Helú may not be a household name here in the UK, the tycoon was placed second in Forbes 2008 rich-list and owns a major chunk of the Mexican telecommunications industry.

Recently his name fell prey to an Indonesian cyber-squatter who demanded $55 million (c£37.6m) from Helú to buy the name back.

If he didn't the cyber-squatter threatened that the site would be used as a forwarding address to a hardcore porn portal. In retrospect, this probably wasn't the most sapient of decisions.

The name game

The money may have been pocket change for the billionaire, but he declined the modest proposal, and took the man to court and got the United Nations involved.

Copyright agency WIPO decided that the name was registered in bad faith and have ordered that be given back to its rightful owner.

Ahmad Rusli of Jakarta was registered with the domain name, and told courts that he only made the porn threat to bring Helu's attention to the fact that he could buy the domain name for a mere $55 million.

For some unknown reason this excuse was thrown out of court and Carlos Slim Helú is now in total control of his own web name to do whatever he wants with it.

Rumours that he may set it up to be a forwarding address to a hardcore porn portal are unfounded.

Marc Chacksfield

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