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Nintendo 3DS XL
Does the Nintendo 3DS XL's bigger screens and cheaper ticket tickle you with temptation?

We're really quite taken by the Nintendo 3DS XL. We liked the original 3DS, and while the XL's screens are less sharp, the extra size makes it a much more comfortable to game with.

So do check out our review and the rest of the week's most exciting kit!

Nintendo 3DS XL review

While the stretched screens on the Nintendo 3DS XL can in fact look less detailed than the original, improved comfort and battery life mean these imperfections wouldn't put us off choosing the 3DS XL model over the last. If you spend most of your day staring at the new iPad's gorgeous Retina Display - or even the rival PS Vita's glorious OLED screen - the 3DS XL's screens may put you off a purchase.

For existing 3DS owners looking for an upgrade there are plenty of reasons to trade in for the XL; it's more comfortable over long periods and increased battery life means it lasts for hours or even days in Street Pass sleep mode. Couple in a stylus you can actually reach and there are plenty of reasons - screens aside - to call the XL the definitive 3DS model.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 review

After the blockbuster entrance by the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a more muted affair, offering little in the way of an upgrade from its predecessor and seemingly happy to nestle into mid-range obscurity, instead of setting itself up to challenge the new iPad.

That said, it's pleasing to see Ice Cream Sandwich is making it onto devices out of the box these days, even if Jelly Bean is just around the corner, and Samsung has done a good job of implementing Android 4.0 onto the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. But the thing is that even at £299, this isn't the cheapest premium Android tablet out there – the gorgeous Google Nexus 7 may only be 7-inches in stature but the £159 price point is a lot more attractive for those looking for a convenient touch device without breaking the bank.

Samsung NX20 review

Samsung NX20 review

The Samsung NX20 is quite an interesting proposition, since it delivers very good quality images, especially at high ISOs. The combination of Wi-Fi connectivity with the ability to share images direct from the camera is currently unique to Samsung. Since extra value is added to these features by owning compatible Android mobile devices, the true value of this connectivity may not be realised without the appropriate additional hardware.

Overall the Samsung NX20 is a great camera to use, and it is more than capable of delivering great quality images. Although the Wi-Fi connectivity features may grab headlines, the underlying camera is a quality piece of kit that should win over many fans. It offers an exciting feature set, excellent quality at high sensitivities, good ergonomics and features to satisfy the needs of both experienced and novice photographers alike in a compact body.

Office 2013 review

Microsoft Office 2013 review

If you look at a list of the new features in Office 2013, you might not see any one feature you can't live without, but after even a few days of using the new applications there are plenty of features you'll miss. This is another big advance in usability, combined with some extremely clever new tools.

Sony Alpha a57 review

Sony Alpha a57 review

The Sony Alpha a57 boasts a number of upgrades - as well as a few impressive new additions - that elevate it above the older Sony a55 that it replaces, while maintaining the same ethos for making the shooting process as streamlined and simple as possible.

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