TechRadar's Deals of the Week: PS3 with GT6 and The Last Of Us for £199.99

TechRadar s Deals of the Week PS3 with GT6 and The Last Of Us for 199 99

This week we have a bumper selection of great deals for you to peruse. All in the hope of saving you some cash.

The stand out deal for us this week is some last generation gaming goodness in the form of the Sony PS3 with both the brand new sim-racer Gran Turismo 6 as well as a copy of zombie survival The Last Of Us. So that's a 500GB PS3 Slim all in for £199.99 from Game. A perfect bargain for some gaming fun this Christmas.

If you're not a gamer then we've still got plenty of deals to choose from. For those of you looking to pick up a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch tablet PC is a great option for those on a budget. It runs Android with the Samsung Touchwiz overlay and has full access to Google Play for all your Entertainment needs.


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