Sony CES 2016 press conference invite gives us plenty of clues

Sony TV CES 2016

As we hurl ever-closer to CES 2016, we start to look at what individual companies may bring to the big show. Thanks to Sony's press conference invite, which went out earlier today, we're getting a better idea as to what it may have in store.

First, the details: Sony's CES 2016 press conference is going down on Tuesday, January 5 at 5pm local time. It will be held at the Sony booth, forgoing the traditional Press Day chambers of Mandalay Bay.

The actual words on the save-the-date note don't offer much else, but the image above it does. And though it's a photo taken of the booth during last year's CES, it's unlikely Sony chose it "just because."

Sony booth

This image from the invitation contains a lot of gadgets

We see a row of TVs in the foreground and an array of gadgets on tables stretching behind it. A screen that encircles the booth like a digital halo has devices of every kind on display. There's a camera, headphones, a camcorder, smartwatch, TV screen and the very bottom part of a smartphone.

It's likely Sony plans to show off a device in every one of these categories at CES 2016. The company, like many, uses the Las Vegas show to launch its latest line of TVs and cameras, but in recent years wearables have taken hold as an important category - if not, THE category - to promote.

Sony could always bring a current-gen phone to CES, like the recently launched Xperia Z5, but perhaps it will use this coming edition of CES to reveal the Xperia Z6? It's more likely we'll see the company's next flagship phone at MWC 2016, but Sony may pull a fast one on us this year. Or, it may ferret the Z6 away behind closed doors, only showing it off to a select few.

Finally, while there's no hint of it on the company's invite, we're also very likely in for news on PlayStation VR, the company's virtual reality headset. With Oculus Rift launching early next year and other competitors making it to market, Sony probably won't miss a chance to talk up its own VR offering.

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