One More Thing: Star Wars Land

One More Thing: Star Wars Land
Star Wars Land: Artist's impression

Can't quote, too excited - Disneyland Paris may be getting its very own STAR WARS LAND. That is just one short hop skip and jump across the channel, you guys! It's rumoured to have an updated Star Tours feature and a real life Mos Eisley Cantina!!! And breathe. [SlashFilm]

Wake up boo – Is RIM behind the not very cool Wake Up Apple store stunt? An ID tag in the source code of the associated website seems to be something to do with RIM Australia. Look, all we want to know is whose terrible idea it was, and whether Samsung will ever forgive us. [Slashgear]

Overachiever of the day - When we were six, we were making potions, excavating worms and trying to master cycling without stabilisers. We were not programming, downloading emulators and petitioning Guinness to enter the record books as world's youngest computer expert. Hey, Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha – want to come out and play before tea? [BBC]

Super duperSuper Smash Bros for Wii U is going to come with Nintendo 3DS support. Creator Masahiro Sakurai envisages the Wii U/3DS link as being central to the game. It's either going to revitalise 3DS sales or kill Super Smash Bros dead. Good luck and godspeed, Nintendo. [Slashgear]

Afrikindle – Lovely sounding charity Worldreader gave 600 Kindles to kids in Ghana and, would you believe it, they took to them like ducks to water, despite 43 per cent of them never having used a computer before. Sadly, 243 of them broke due to fragile screens but a few rugged cases ought to sort that out. Warm fuzzies. [GigaOm]

Die as hard as possible - Panasonic is trying to entice you into picking up one of its Blu-ray players with a trio of free titles. Now, simmer down cinephiles – all you're getting is Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Die Hard 4.0 and Ice Age 3 (yes, that's a prequel and two sequels) but still. Free's free. [PR]

Facetime – Everybody's favourite person whose surname is Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch, landed the part of the baddie in the new Star Trek film with a last-minute casting video shot on his iPhone. Or by being in the crazy-successful second series of Sherlock at the right time. One of the two. [Disruptomatic]

Gonna have ourselves a time – South Park Studios is a new catch-up service for South Park fans offering 50 of the funniest episodes (as voted for by fans) with new episodes coming online within 24 hours of transmission. It'll set you back £2 for 24-hours or £3 for a week's access. OMG they killed etc. You whatever. [South Park Studios]

Dubious Facebook marketing stunt of the day – Budweiser's writing a song and it's crowdsourcing the lyrics from you, Facebookers. Make your mark on if you're over 18. Presumably it's looking for something a little more cerebral than whasssssssuuuuuup. [PR]

The internet hero we need – No one clicks on banner ads, right? Wrong. This guy does. He's single-handedly keeping us all in our ad-funded jobs. A brilliant read from McSweeney's, as usual. [via Gizmodo]

Bonus tech video of the day - And then we dropped the Panasonic Eluga into a glass of water for lolz.

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