One More Thing: Is this the magical iPhone 5?

One More Thing: Is this the magical iPhone 5?
All together now: oooh! aaaah!

iPhone 5ive - We love it when a plan comes together. And by plan, we mean all the iPhone 5 rumours in the world, painstakingly stitched together into one video render. Is this the new iPhone? Probably not, but hey. [MacRumors]

The only way is Megaupload – There's always a catch with the MPAA. Now it's willing to let people have access to their legit files stored on Megaupload, but only if there's a guarantee that no copyrighted material is made available. Quite how it proposes to go about this we don't know. Pound of flesh, anyone? [Torrentfreak]

Help I'm a fish – A robot fish has made friends with a real fish! Scientists desgined this robot fish (not to be confused with this robot fish) to look like a female zebrafish. They were no doubt filled with a parent's pride when a school of male zebrafish swarmed around it like they would any real live female. Looks like we might need to think about bringing in Proposition Infinity after all. [MSNBC]


Image credit: Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Back to reality - Guys, let's just face it. This whole AR thing was a good idea, but it just didn't work out. Not now that a betting shop has used it to make The Queen crack wise about football on the nation's £10 notes. Seriously. Stop now. Please. [Paddy Power]

4Gs and then some - Apple has agreed to a fine of £2.2m in Australia for selling the new iPad as a 4G device when it doesn't actually work with the country's 4G networks. A judge still has to sign off on the fine but when he does, we'll be asking Australia to lend us a fiver for sure. [SlashGear]

Hey! Listen! – Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted that Zelda for the Wii U is still in the 'thinking about it' phase. Cue Link sighing, tapping his foot, coquettishly swaying back and forth on the spot and other references. [Eurogamer]

Blast from the past – In 1993, the Wu Tang Clan filmed this slightly crazy advert for the Nintendo Super Game Boy. It never aired, but still. Wu Tang. In 2012, One Direction advertised the Nintendo 3DS. It aired, but still. One Direction. [Guardian Music]

TwoferMicrosoft has filed a patent for a phone that's actually two phones or something. The phone would be capable of splitting in two, with two CPUS for mega-multitasking. So one phone… becomes two. So theoretically, you could be playing a game on one half and use the other to go on the internet and look up some cheats. But you wouldn't, would you? Also this probably will never happen. Also there's magnets and, probably, some kind of 'find the other half of my phone' feature. [Unwired View]

Vimeo killed the etc – Vimeo announced its award winners last night, with Brits emerging victorious in the fashion, action sports and documentary categories. Beardyman was there, which we only mention because we like to say Beardyman. [Vimeo]

Don't want to miss a thing – OMT is reliably informed that Euro 2012 starts today and then there's some other big sporting event this summer, can't think what. Logitech reckons one in ten of us will be watching all these energetic shenanigans on multiple screens including iPads and that. Incidentally, Logitech has some iPad accessories and a universal remote that it only mentions because something something sport. [Logitech]

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