One More Thing: Is the iPhone better than sex?

One More Thing: Is the iPhone better than sex?
This is what I was looking at last night, darling

Sexathon - Spurious PR survey of the day reveals that 15 per cent of 1000 people would rather go without sex for a weekend than go without their iPhone. And a terrifying 4 per cent of them (that's 40 people!) say they've used their iPhone while having sex but we're trying really hard not to think too much about that. [BGR]

Googlemail is dead – Long live Gmail (which is now available in Germany). [Google]

Turing times - Yet more proof, should you still require it, that Lego is not just for the kids. The German Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica has built a Turing Machine out of Mindstorms NXT to commemorate the computing pioneer's centenary. It's an impressive thing that seeks to teach you that computers are simple, really. It can add two and two together, anyway. [Lego Turing Machine]

Google Verse – French music maker Astrobal has made his new music video entirely using Google Earth. Except for the credits obviously, unless there are some fairly significant new structures that we're not aware of. [Hypetrak]

Sound as a pound - Deezer has announced the next move in its quest to usurp Spotify: it has decided to be Rock Sound's official review partner. That means the Rock Sound website will become imbued with Deezer players so you can listen to available albums as you read along to reviews, while Deezer subscribers will also get special access to some live events. [RockSound]

Ye olde Facebooke – Researchers at the Royal Holloway have discovered that neither Zuck nor the Winkelvoss twins nor Yahoo came up with Facebook after all. Nope, it was the Italian Academies way back in the 1500s who came up with the idea of creating networks, using nicknames, developing emblems and mottos, forming groups and sharing information. We bet a bit of poking went on too. [PR]

Timesink - Speaking of M-Zuck, some eagle-eyed life-challenged types have noted that even he can't be having with adding old life events to his Facebook Timeline. Yes, his wedding is on there but there isn't much else to speak of, unless he's gone all secret squirrel on us. Oh well. Future generations will just have to assume that we were all born, then some number of years later joined Facebook and not much else happened in between. [Read Write Web]

Dedication – You think you're a perfectionist? You're nothing. Check out Pixar: for upcoming film Brave, the company created an entirely new software program just for one character's hair. The ginger lass's 'do is made from 1,500 individually sculpted curves. It's better animated than your actual hair, basically. [Vanity Fair]

Safety first - Nobody likes malware so big pat on the back to Google which reckons it protects us from around 9,500 nasty new websites every day through built-in protection in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. [BGR]

SanFast - World's fastest mobile memory card alert! The SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I card is faster than a greased weasel with up to 95MB/sec read and 90MB/sec write speeds. Someone enter this thing in the techlympics. [SanDisk]

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