One More Thing: Every shark needs a laser

One More Thing: Every shark needs a laser
Don't smile at us like that, laser shark

Screwing with sharks - What's more terrifying than a shark? Okay, stupid question, obviously it's the intelligent sharks in Deep

Blue Sea


But what's only slightly less terrifying than them? A shark with a laser. Happily this green laser attached to a lemon shark isn't a dangerous one. Even more happily, the shark lives off the coast of the Bahamas which is nowhere near TechRadar HQ, and at least now we can see him coming. [



Now that's what I call learning - In our day, an NUS card got you into the Student's Union and 10% off at HMV every other Tuesday after 4pm. These days it's all 50% off Spotify and we're crazed with jealousy - but if it keeps the yoof from piracy then we're all for it. [Spotify]

Draw nothing - 5 million people have stopped playing Draw Something every day and everyone's all haha, Nelson Muntz style, at Zynga for spending $200 million on it at the height of its popularity. Everyone except Zynga's investors, that is, who are shuffling awkwardly and casually trying to offload stock. We imagine. [The Atlantic Wire]

Rock off - Earlier this week, EA pushed a message out to all Rock Band players on iOS saying that the game was going to be over after May 31. The next day, after pretty much every owner of the app complained, EA turned around and said the controversial message was sent in error. It added "We're working to clarify the issue that caused the error". Think we can save you a job there, EA. [TNW]

Pidgeon English - We can't say we've ever looked at a pigeon and wished we could experience life through its beady eyes but apparently at least one person has and so the Pigeon Simulator exists. Die hard pigeon fans will want to flap about in front of a Kinect camera to work the Google-Earth-based simulator, the rest of us will settle for keyboard controls. [New Scientist]

Pigeon sim

Sp-oof – Well, it's true. You can't snort coke off an Instagram photo. If only Polaroid had figured this USP out earlier. [The Verge]

All we hear is - We don't know if it's the imminent Olympics, the extra days off we keep getting courtesy of the Royal Fam or simply because we love the Queen, but we're feeling reet patriotic at the moment – perfect timing for Pure to launch its limited edition Evoke Mio Union Jack digital radio then. Now, let's all have a nice cup of tea and talk about the rain. [Pure]

Pure Union Jack

Showing our age - Speaking of being painfully British, the next series of Antiques Roadshow will come with a "guess the value" companion app that you can play on a PC, tablet, phone or on the red button. There will come a time when you agree with us that this will be brilliant, kids. There will. [BBC]

W.H.-what now? – Reports have reached us that someone has hacked the WHSmith product list so that when any item is scanned it comes up as the Queen's Knickers at a price of £5.99. WHSmiths hasn't got back to us to confirm or deny the rumour, but our source reckons it's a nationwide issue and Smiths wouldn't give him a receipt because of it. We didn't ask Buck Pal for comment but we imagine the statement would have read, "We are not amused." [Thanks anon!]

Fantastic Mr Font – Google Docs has been updated with 450 thrilling new fonts. Still no word art though. [Google]

Google fonts

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