One More Thing: Apple discovers the Rickroll

One More Thing: Apple discovers the Rickroll
Oh Rick, give us up already

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of - iOS 6 developers got a little surprise when learning how to embed videos in the upcoming mobile OS: that's right, Apple used the music video for Rick Astley's seminal 1987 hit 'Never Gonna Give You Up' to teach them what's what. Welcome to 2007, Apple. [LA Times]

Drive time - Google's self-driving cars have now clocked up over 300,000 miles of road time and the accident counter is still set to zero. The next challenge is to master snowy areas, as well as work out how to deal with temporary road signs - but even before that's done, Google team members will start commuting to work in the autonomous automobiles. Watch out, roads. [Google]

Spit and polish - Wikipedia is brilliant, as any web-based journalist or graduate student will tell you, but it's looking a tiny bit worn after 11 years of providing information to the masses that is generally accurate but occasionally outright lies. Enter New! an enterprising web design agency that's taken it upon itself to give the 'pedia a posh new look. [TNW]

Legal eagle - The Internet Archive has made its many hundreds of films available as torrents instead of mega-huge direct downloads that constantly fail to work properly because the files are too big. Get trawling, cinephiles. [IA]

Sanity - A wonderful quote from founder moot, celebrating 4chan's billionth post: "I think of 4chan as a hobby and not a business. To that end, I don't operate it in a way that any sane business person would." [All Things D]

It WILL be around in 10 years, it WILL - James Cameron is starting a company in China to promote 3D filmmaking, develop the necessary tech and provide training in both because goshdarnit if anyone can make 3D a permanent mainstay of the cinema its Jimmy C and his band of blue-skinned alien things. [Hollywood Reporter]

My dear Winston - The initialisation OMG, so beloved of the internet and teenage girls everywhere, was actually coined by this exclamation-mark-loving fella John Arbuthnot Fisher writing to Winston Churchill back in 1919. Seriously man, 10 exclamation marks in 100 words? And thus OMG's legacy was assured. [Letters of Note]


Credit: Letters of Note

Turn off - PC Games N writer Steve Hogarty has taken one for the journalistic team and signed up to to see what's what. His excellent expose reveals a shocking lack of gamers on the site, leading him to conclude that "if a person genuinely signed up looking to stick it in or be stuck into by somebody who could recite the Konami code mid-coitus, they will find nothing but money-sucking bots, loneliness and disappointment". Aw. Poor sex-starved gamers. [PC Games N]

Enough already - If those birds still aren't angry enough for you, you might want to see about this Super Angry Birds force feedback USB controller that simulates the feeling of a slingshot while you play. Or you could, you know, stop playing Angry Birds. [Sound Plus Design]

Enterprising - Freak yourself and your pregnant partner out by paying Japanese firm Fasotec $1275 for a 3D print-out of your unborn child. Yes, that's living inside your tummy. Yes, it looks like an alien. No, we do not want to try a piece of the placenta thanks. [The Verge]

3D printed fetus

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