One More Thing: Apparent Taiwanese pop star apparently has an iPhone 5

One More Thing: Apparent Taiwanese pop star apparently has an iPhone 5
Nice montage, Lin

Pop tart – Jimmy Lin, a man who we are assured is a pop star in Taiwan, has done a hands on with the new iPhone 5. Apple's new marketing strategy or dodgy Taiwanese humour/avant garde marketing move? You decide. [Gizmodo UK]

Not-so-supersonic – The latest online file-sharing site to bite the dust is Filesonic which, according to TorrentFreak, is now offline after traffic to the site plummeted. Although Filesonic hasn't commented on its demise nothing is accessible from the site. Nada. It's gone. No more. Can't be reached. Etc. Etc. [TorrentFreak]

Filter, happier, more productive – Instagram used by real photographers shocker! A great piece has landed on the BJP Online which highlights some professional snappers who are using Instagram in their work. Cheating? Maybe, but it shows that the app is gaining credence from the higher echelons of the photography ladder. [BJP]

Genius bar - You've got to admire a man who loves Apple so much that he's decorated his home office to look like an Apple store. Not sure Cook and co would approve of the Samsung TV though. [David Wu]

apple office

Image credit: David Wu

Web hits - Women are more genetically likely to get hooked on the internet than men, according to the Journal of Addiction Medicine. See, it's SCIENCE. Now if you'll excuse us we've some F5ing to do on Twitter. [Fudzilla]

FaceLook – Well, looky looky, Wolfram Alpha may turn out to be useful after all. It turns out the search engine can now tell you just how much filth information Facebook has got on you. All you have to do is type in 'Facebook report' into the site and it will do its computational search magic for you. [Engadget]

Doctor's orders – To combat pesky piracy, Australian channel ABC decided to stream the latest episode of Doctor Who minutes after it aired in the UK, so its viewers didn't have to bother searching through torrents for a hooky version of the episode. It's nice to see common sense prevail for once. []

Pi on your face – Raspberry Pi, the non-profit foundation which is looking to bring computing programming to the masses, found itself on the wrong end of an extortion plan recently when it refused to offer up free samples to a 'potential' buyer of its products. The company posted the whole email exchange on its blog and it's, well, hilarious. [Raspberry Pi]

The click of it – Armando Iannucci is in talks with HBO about turning his sharply satirical and brilliantly amusing attention to social media and the twenty-something tycoons of Silicon Valley. Let's hope it's not too difficult difficult lemon difficult. [Guardian]

Under pressure - Freddie Mercury looks like he wants to break free from the Angry Bird makeover he's been given for charity effort Freddie for a Day. There's also a video of he and the other Angry Birds riding a bicycle. Just keep telling yourself: it's all for a good cause. All for a good cause. [Queen]

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