One More Thing: 3D printed bikini is latest geek beach chic

One More Thing: 3D printed bikini is latest geek beach chic
Well, she certainly looks happy about it

Bikini jam in tray 1 - Ever thought clothes shopping is far too much hassle? Now you can print your clothes without having to step foot in your local Primark. Okay, so you'll need a 3D printer, and if you don't look good in a bikini then you might want to think again, but it's certainly a start. [SlashGear]

Commodore covers – The album you never asked for but have secretly wanted all your life is here. It's called Home Computer and features 26 tracks (two CDs) of Commodore 64 game theme tune covers. All the classics are there – from Ghosts'n'Goblins, Rambo and Monty on the Run. 8-bit heaven. [PressPlayOnTape]

Crafty craft – Ever wanted to build a hovercraft but couldn't quite find the right tools in your garage? Well, fear not – as Wired has published a realistic how-to on making a hovercraft from household goods. If only Blue Peter had these sort of things on its show when we were kids. [Wired]

Blindsided - This audio-adventure game for iOS kind of sounds like it's going to be rubbish but watch the video below and you'll see it could be kind of cool. Just don't play it in public, because it uses the gyroscope in your phone to play and you'll look like a fool spinning around, phone in hand with your eyes closed. [Blindside]

Light fantastic – Scientists who've read far too much Harry Potter have been trying to create an invisibility cloak but inadvertently found a way to trap rainbows. No word yet if they also managed to nab a leprechaun and his lucky charms as well. [BBC]

Size matters –Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's illustrious CEO, has reportedly ditched his notebooks and office phone in favour of an 80-inch wall-mounted Windows 8 tablet. Sounds sensible. [Wired]

It's not just space, it's Russian space - Pictures from space are nothing new, we've all seen pictures of Earth, the moon and co – but those clever-clogs over in Russia have now delivered the highest-resolution images to date, using 121MP sensors to take the retina busting shots – in your face 808 Pureview. [The Register]

Swept away - At first we thought these LED brooms were actual brooms and we were excited about how much more fun they would make sweeping up. Sadly they're just lamps. Yeah, we're all right thanks. [Gizmodo]

LED broom

Image credit: Gizmodo

Hype machine – Loads of people are suddenly reporting that the RIAA is after $75 trillion from Limewire. It's not. It was at one point, but the judge laughed them out of court. And that was over a year ago. Tchuh, the internet. [TechRadar]

Yorksh-ear – The Dales are Alive with the Sound of Music as sales of headphones spike in Yorkshire. We have nothing to add to this press release headline. [Asda]

Bonus tech video of the day – We had a rummage around under Gareth's desk and unearthed this advert for the Samsung Galaxy S3 from 1985. We were as confused as you are. He must have some kind of time portal under there. Anyway, it's brilliant (Don't mind this horn, it's ours. We're just blowing it).

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