Nissan puts its self-parking tech in office chairs

Nissan self-parking chair

While most other car makers are taking on electric and self-driving technology, Nissan is looking to office chairs.

Specifically, Nissan has taken its self-parking tech, otherwise known as "Intelligent Parking Assist," and put it into office chairs.

With a single clap, the lights won't switch off, but all the office chairs in the room will automatically turn and tuck themselves back under their desks. Nissan explains this should keep offices and meeting rooms tidy, allowing employees to fix up the room with a clap of hands at the end of the day or meeting.

These Intelligent Parking Chairs actually works with the help of four motion-control cameras mounted on walls around the room, connecting to the chairs using Wi-Fi. The chairs themselves are able to turn a full 360-degrees, with the cameras helping track and transmit where the chair needs to go.

Unfortunately, while it's fun to watch the chairs scurry around, this isn't something you'll start seeing pop up into offices around the world. Instead, Nissan is using the Intelligent Parking Chair to show off its self-parking tech, while we continue tucking our own chairs in like plebeians.

You can see the Intelligent Parking Chair in action below, or check out the 'making of' video over here.