A Valentine's gift that will live in the memory

PNY USB drive
Who wouldn't want a USB drive for Valentine's? Hello? Hello?

My favourite press release this week came from PNY Technologies who had the geek-blinkered audacity to suggest that the "perfect gift for your favourite urbanite this Valentine's Day" is a micro USB drive.

Yes, that's right; roses, fine chocolates and silk lingerie all come a distant second to 8Gb of solid state storage.

With it's finger resting sensuously on the racing pulse of the nation's lovers, PNY has realised that simply offering a thrusting 10Mb/sec write speed and a pantingly fast 25Mb/sec read speed wasn't going to be enough to quite tip the love of your life over the edge.

And so it has launched the "Micro Attaché City" range in three erotic colours: "hot" pink, "sky" blue and "dark" grey. All three are also emblazoned with a kinky line drawing of some sky scrapers.

My only concern is that something with this level of sex appeal may just be too much for such a hormone-drenched day as Valentine's. I imagine that there will be many a girlfriend with every nerve ending already set ablaze by the sexual tension of the candlelit dinner that, presented with the Micro Attaché City USB drive, will frankly be tipped over the edge into a shuddering frenzy, right there in the restaurant.

And that, guys, is a hard act to follow.


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