From WikiLeaks to Senate seat? Julian Assange could make the jump

Julian Assange
A Senator in the making?

Senator Assange? Julian might soon have a new title to add to his resume.

The WikiLeaks founder and current asylum seeker has taken steps to run for Senate in Victoria, Australia, The Age reported Wednesday. His father was among supporters that handed in his candidacy application.

In a masterful move of cross-promotion, Assange will run as the WikiLeaks Party lead candidate. The newly formed party isn't yet registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, but apparently has a 10-member national council made up of close Assange associates and WikiLeaks supporters.

The party's platform seems to center around "the promotion of openness and transparency in government and business," while Assange's candidacy is apparently part of a larger political push to require truthfulness from governments.

Empty seat

Assange and by extension WikiLeaks' efforts to publish what many - most significantly the U.S. government - considered confidential materials on everything from Scientology to the Afghan War Logs is well documented, as are his legal troubles with Sweden.

He is currently holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, according to the Guardian, where he's sought asylum after losing a legal attempt to avoid extradition to the country where he faces sexual assault charges.

His Senate run decision isn't unexpected: a WikiLeaks tweet from May 16, 2012 announced Assange's political ambitions.

According to The Age, Assange can run for Senate since he left Australia within the last three years. If Assange wins and can't return to Australia to fill his senatorial seat, he is reportedly prepared to have another WikiLeaks Party nominee take the position.

Federal elections are slated for Sept. 14.

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