Download is the first UK festival to go cash-free

Download is the first UK festival to go cash-free
When it's time to party we will always party without cash

While some festivals have you in a bit of a slipknot when it comes to finances, muse on this: you can kiss goodbye to the wodge of cash you would otherwise have to clutch to your person at Download this year.

As befits a festival named after the act of moving data from one computer system to another, Download Festival is the first major UK festival rise against traditional payment methods and go cashless.

The motley crue working the bars, merch and food outlets at Donnington will instead take payment via a 'dogtag' that you wear on your wrist and load up with money by transferring it from your bank account.

So don't have the heart of a coward! Have faith - no more will you have to worry about losing all your money in the pit.

All that remains is to say that it will be a day to remember for all concerned (and then another two days of lesser note).

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