Big up our bad selves: TechRadar up for four glitzy awards

Big up our bad selves: TechRadar up for four glitzy awards
Hey, without Sir Tim, none of us'd be here

Hmm? What, this? Oh, nothing. Just four award nominations for TechRadar. No big deal.

We're fully jazzed to be up for Best Consumer Website at the AOP Awards, where the brightest and best in digital publishing industry are rewarded, and we face stiff competition from the likes of Vogue, the

Huffington Post

, the

Daily Mail




Are we the best consumer website on the internet? We wouldn't like to say, but the judges of the AOP Awards are looking exceptionally lovely today - we really like what they've done with their hair - and, oh don't mind this, it's just a muffin basket for them to enjoy at their leisure.

The TR crew are also being considered for best consumer editorial team, alongside the good people of BBC Good Food, Digital Spy, the Guardian, MSN UK, PC Advisor, the Huff Po, The Mirror and the Rupert-Murdoch-approved Vice.

As if we weren't already having trouble getting our heads through doorways, we're also shortlisted for Digital Innovation of the Year and our Nick Merritt is up for Best Publisher at the digital publishing PPA Awards.

So, yeah. We're kind of a big deal here at TechRadar. Now excuse us, we have four speeches to write and four gracious loser faces to practice.

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