Windows 10 update could soon help make your laptop battery last longer

Windows 10
(Image credit: Future)

Windows 10 could receive a tweak to its system of tracking your laptop battery usage, with the idea being to introduce graphs which show you more detail about when the battery is being hammered.

You can already look at the apps which are sapping the most power from your notebook battery, based on a certain time period – such as the past week – but with this new change, Microsoft is providing a full graph of recent battery usage too.

As Windows Latest reports, this is happening with the Battery panel (in the Settings app) in preview build 21277, and theoretically it should progress to be deployed in the 21H2 update for Windows 10. In other words, the big update for the second half of next year; unless Microsoft ditches the idea of course.

As it stands in preview, the battery usage graphs give you a daily or hourly breakdown – over the last week, or 24 hours respectively – of how much your battery was being used, so you can see when it was hit most heavily (and drill-down further in the battery Settings panel to find out which app or apps may have been killers in terms of battery longevity).

Charge log

The new feature which may be inbound also provides extra nuggets of info such as allowing the user to see when they last charged their laptop, which is sometimes a question we’re asking ourselves (in a ‘didn’t we just charge this thing yesterday?’ fashion).

Windows 10 21H2 is expected to bring in a large number of changes, and will be a major feature update that completely revamps the desktop interface, according to strong rumors which have been around for quite some time now.

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