Windows 10 update could finally fix one of its most annoying features

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It looks like a new Windows 10 update will finally fix one of the most annoying features of the operating system – the ‘Choose default apps’ menu.

You’re probably aware that certain file types need to be opened by certain apps. Windows 10 usually tries to determine which of the apps you have installed is the best candidate. 

Usually it’s correct, but if it chooses the wrong app – or you have multiple apps that could open it and it doesn’t use your favorite – then you need to pick the default app yourself. Up until now, that’s been overly confusing and annoying.

Right now, the panel for selecting default apps is a long list of confusing file types and protocols, each with its default app beside it. You might have to scroll down though a lot of file types to find what you’re looking for. In short, it’s not very useful at all.

A simple tweak

However, an upcoming Windows 10 update looks like it will fix a lot of these issues with a rather simple addition – a search box.

This will allow you to easily find the file type or apps you’re looking for, and which should make the whole process a lot easier.

Microsoft promises this tweak will come in the next Windows 10 feature update, so that could be Windows 10 20H2 Update, which is due later this year.

For anyone who has struggled with finding the right apps to open files, this little fix could prove to have big benefits.

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