Windows 10 running Android apps via Your Phone is fully rolled out – and the feature will soon get even better

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows 10 users who are running Your Phone are now getting the ability to use Android apps right on their PC’s desktop, as previously promised – at least all of those with supported Samsung devices – with the additional capability to run multiple mobile apps promised for the future.

Back at the end of August, Microsoft announced that the rollout of this really nifty feature had begun, as well as clarifying which Samsung phones support it – but now it’s been revealed on Twitter that the full rollout has happened.

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As revealed by Analy Otero Diaz, Principal Program Manager Lead of Your Phone at Microsoft, the feature is confirmed as rolling out to everyone – and Microsoft said elsewhere that it should pretty much be on all supported Samsung devices by now (although there may still be a few remaining users who get it later today).

Diaz also clearly notes that the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously will be inbound before the end of the year, so that’s further good news for Samsung users.

Your Samsung Phone?

On the Samsung-only front, there have certainly been some complaints about this and other exclusive features, and indeed suggestions that the app should be renamed ‘Your Samsung Phone’ are floating around in the above Twitter thread.

When asked explicitly about when other devices aside from Samsung smartphones might get the ability to run Android apps, the Your Phone Twitter account responded: “We’re always exploring new ideas and ways to help our customers, but beyond that we have nothing to share at this time about additional models.”

So we guess it’s just a case of keeping fingers crossed for those who aren’t owners of a supported Samsung smartphone.

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