CeBIT 2007: AMD endorses with Live

AMD Live is the company's great white hope for media centre technology

AMD seems to be all about concepts rather than actions at the moment. First it talked up its DTX standard for PC case arrangers; now it's harping on about the AMD Live media centre tech. Only it's not actually talking about it... it's created a sticker to do that instead.

In a move that's over a year behind Intel 's tiresome Viiv marketing, AMD is trumpeting AMD Live Ready. Let's get the marketing speak over and done with: The "programme is designed to easily identify various devices and software that best complete the AMD Live digital entertainment and media experience."

Oh joy. So now the AMD Live Ready logo will be plastered on a few bits of supposedly-choice kit.

Not only that, it'll be printed on acres of needless software packaging alongside the Intel Viiv-certification motif, Windows Vista Readiness emblem, 'Works great on Centrino/Core 2 Duo/Pentium D' slogans and, inevitably for media-related software, there'll be some allegiance to HD DVD or Blu-ray as well.

AMD says this will make things simpler. "As more and more consumers embrace the AMD Live solution, we continue to reduce complexity and move technology out of the way for a more delightful consumer experience," enthuses Joe Menard, head of AMD's Consumer Business.

AMD is also talking up the well-worn "ecosystem" analogy. The most interesting aspect of the programme is that it's partnering with set top box suppliers including Dream Multimedia, WorldSat and BroadQ. AMD Live promotes the idea of Active TV, which is essentially streaming media from your AMD Live PC to your TV. Heard that somewhere before?

And don't even get us started on that exclamation mark.


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