Jabra's wireless Coach headset is a personal trainer you'll only pay once


Hot on the heels of the Jabra Pulse, which offered runners a heart rate monitor in the ears, comes the Jabra Coach - designed to force you into working harder during CrossFit or high intensity interval training.

The Coach will keep track of all the essentials - distance, pace, step count, cadence and calories - with in-ear coaching for over 40 different exercises, giving you the sense of having a real fitness trainer stood by.

The headset, fully wireless and designed for cross-training enthusiasts, hosts an integrated TrackFit motion sensor and Dolby sound to monitor all those reps and give an accurate summary of all the lifting and grunting and leaping you did in order to feel slightly better about yourself.

Then, with the accompanying Sport Life app, users can plan, track and post-analyse their personalised workouts, ranging from beginner to advanced levels - so you've not excuse not to at least try to get fitter.

Faster. FASTER!

The fundamentals are there too: Jabra's headset will let you play your favourite workout tunes via Bluetooth, apparently with no quality spared thanks to that Dolby sound.

However, sports headphones will often sacrifice audio quality for function, so we're looking forward to seeing if Jabra has managed to pack in a load of sensors without making it sound like you're listening to Taylor Swif...Guns N' Roses through a tin can.

The headphones will be hitting stores in just a couple of weeks time for the price of £119.99 ($149, around AU$300).

Hugh Langley

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