Apple added four new Apple Watch designs since its original announcement

Apple Watch new colors
There are four new watch designs

This had been bugging me all night. I knew my math wasn't that bad, even as a journalist, however, it looked as if my 34 Apple Watch designs explainer was incorrect today.

There were suddenly 38 Apple Watch designs on the Cupertino company's official website. Did I miscalculate the total or was something else afoot?

It turned out that while Apple enthusiastically revealed the Apple Watch release date and all its smartwatch prices today, it also secretly added four new color variants.

This brought the total to 38, and with the help of the Wayback Machine, I was able to track down which ones were added since the original announcement.

Here are the new designs

New to the mid-range stainless steel Apple Watch collection are new black bands, with a Black Leather Loop for the larger 42mm watch size and Black Modern Buckle for the smaller 38mm watch size.

Apple Watch new colors

Previously, these straps were limited to colors of Bright Blue, Stone and Light Brown for the Leather Loop, and Midnight Blue, Soft Pink and Brown for the Modern Buckle.

Watch Edition, the premium 18-karat gold version of the Apple Watch, has more bracelet colors and designs too. It went from six to eight.

New Apple Watch colors

New to this expensive mix are a smaller 38mm yellow gold case with the Black Sport Band and an all-new 42mm yellow gold case with a Black Classic Buckle.

Yes, it turns out that these new leather and fluoroelastomer bands are all the in-demand black color that pretty much goes with anything, and all were easily missable if you weren't looking closely.

Matt Swider