We could get two Motorola Razr foldables this year, including a Lite model

The Motorola Razr 2022 half folded, being held in a hand, viewed from the front
The Motorola Razr, 2022 edition (Image credit: Future)

The Motorola Razr 2023 will be the fourth incarnation of the flip foldable, but it seems that Motorola has been busy preparing an extra surprise too: an additional model that's apparently launching at the same time.

Unofficial renders of one of these foldables are now on show at MySmartPrice, although the site does say that right now it's only a possibility that there will be two of these handsets – so adjust your expectations accordingly.

According to MySmartPrice and well-known tipster @OnLeaks, the standard Motorola Razr 2023 would be the Razr Lite, while the additional handset would actually be the more premium, more expensive Razr Plus.

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Render reveals

It's the Razr Lite (which may just be called the Razr) that there are renders for. They show off a dual-lens rear camera next to a rather small cover display, and relatively thin bezels around the sides of the screen. There's a single selfie camera cut-out on the main display.

Apparently the renders are based on "low-quality, real-life pictures of a testing stage prototype" so they're by no means guaranteed to be accurate – though these are sources with good track records for leaks and advance information.

These renders suggest that the serious upgrades that have been rumored – a large cover display, two-tone color designs, and other overall improvements – are actually heading for the Plus model. A launch is expected around August time.

Analysis: more choice is always a win

The renders that we've seen here of what is supposedly the Razr Lite may seem a bit underwhelming at first – note that tiny cover display for instance – but bear in mind that Motorola is going to be pricing the handset accordingly.

There's a reason that there are a healthy number of mid-range phones on the market at the moment: not everyone wants or needs the latest and greatest technology in their phones. For most people, the top-tier handsets are priced too high as well.

That's where the Razr Lite might come in, giving consumers the opportunity to get a foldable phone at a more reasonable price. It's not something Samsung has tried yet with its own foldables, but it's a move that largely makes sense.

As well as differentiating on price, there will most likely be variations in the internal spec too, and more choices are always good. It's going to be interesting to see the price points that Motorola goes for when these handsets launch.

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