We could be waiting a while for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series of tablets lying face down
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series (Image credit: Samsung)

There was a gap of 18 months between the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and if a new report is to be believed then it's going to be the same sort of wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9.

As per The Elec (via Android Police), Samsung is pushing back the release of the Galaxy Tab S9 in response to a sluggish market and a general economic downturn – although we don't get much indication of how long the delay might be.

It's not clear exactly when the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 might see the light of day, but the Galaxy Tab S8 was unveiled in February 2022. Presumably we won't see the new model make an appearance in February 2023.

Three models

The expectation is that there will be three models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, as with the Galaxy Tab S8: a standard model, a Plus model, and an Ultra model that boasts a gigantic 14.6-inch display.

But with tablet sales in decline at the moment – not least because of the global pandemic we've all been living through, plus financial constraints on a lot of consumers – it seems Samsung is going to wait a while longer before launching its new slate.

We haven't heard much else in the way of leaks and rumors when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, but the usual speed and performance increases look likely, perhaps with some upgrades to the display technology as well.

Analysis: we need more high-end Android tablets

Potential delays to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 are bad news for anyone in the market for a high-end Android tablet – although you can of course go for the Galaxy Tab S8, there aren't that many premium Android slates around at the moment.

The Amazon Fire tablets are good for those who want something affordable, and it looks as though the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet will be at the cheaper end of the spectrum as well – but what about people who have some serious money to spend?

With new iPad Pros expected this month, anyone who wants a premium Apple tablet is well catered for. It's a shame that there isn't much out there for those who prefer Google's mobile operating system on their devices.

Speaking of Google, it continues to make improvements to the Android experience on tablets, most recently with Android 12L. Let's hope as the software gets better, we see more hardware appear to take advantage of it.

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