Want to sell your old cell phone? Here’s why you shouldn’t use carriers

This feature is brought to you by Decluttr.com 

One of the easiest ways to drive down the cost of buying a brand new, flashy cell phone is to sell your old one. But before you even consider carrier buyback schemes, check this even better way to cash out.

Popular recycling company Decluttr pays 25% more on average than carrier buyback schemes while delivering faster payments too: a customer usually gets paid one business day after their cell phone has been received.

In contrast, some carrier programs come with a number of strings attached like hidden upgrade fees - Verizon charges $30 for example - or nasty lock-in contracts.

They also use middlemen who administer the recycling process on behalf of the big carriers, a costly endeavor that is paid for, yes you guessed it, by the customer.

You are in control

That’s not all though; you only get credit to spend on a new device when you recycle your old cell phone with a carrier and that is often paid out over several billing cycles. 

Decluttr, on the other hand, pays cash for your old cell phone by check, bank deposit, PayPal or even through a donation to charity.

Having cash in hand means that you can shop around for the best deals rather than running the risk of being locked in with a particular carrier once you’re enrolled on a carrier buyback scheme. That means more freedom and bargaining power to you, the user.

Remember that some carriers will also charge you if the cell phone you sent doesn’t meet their stringent condition specifications.

Compare that with Decluttr who offer a Tech Price Promise whereby it will pay you the first price you’re offered instantly or you can request your cell phone back for free, no questions asked.

You will get a quote regardless of the state of your phone: good, poor or even faulty. There is no revaluation if you send your device late (within 24 days) or without a charger, accessories or the original box.

Cut out the middlemen

You will also deal directly with the company you’re selling your cell phone to rather than an anonymous third-party dealer you will have no contact with.

Decluttr’s aftersales team can be contacted either via the website or on the phone, via email or even snail mail as well as the main social websites.

Whether it’s AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, carriers run these buyback schemes to keep you going as an existing customer, not to pay you as much cash as possible.

Selling your old phone to Decluttr will almost always get you more money; whether or not you want to spend it with a new carrier or your existing one remains your choice.