Vin Diesel will punch dinosaurs in the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark 2
(Image credit: Studio Wildcard)

Fans of survival action, meet fans of Vin Diesel - which is everyone, right? The Fast and Furious megastar is starring in the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, with a trailer debuting at the Game Awards 2020 showing Diesel doing what he would theoretically do best: punch dinosaur men.

The trailer follows Diesel as Santiago, who seems to be some sort of tribe leader as he fights bone-festooned humanoids before a T-Rex crashes the party and forces the humans to escape into a cave...where they find advanced technology. Santiago apologizes to someone unknown, and scene

Yes, it looks like Ark 2 will have some sort of plot, though we’d bet there’s plenty of the same survival action that made the original such a hit. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to go on at this point. But perhaps the Diesel is enough fuel to keep hopes going until we know more.

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