Canon extends iMage Gateway to video

Forget boring people with family snapshots - now you can show them the movie on your iPod too

Video podcasting for those using Canon's iMage Gateway service will be available from this coming December.

Set to be announced at this week's Photokina exhibition in Cologne, Germany, the service is an extension of what was set up for the sharing of still pictures.

It allows Canon product owners to nominate friends and family to access video or stills that have been posted on the site, who are informed when new material is available for viewing.

The service is Apple-friendly using the company's iTunes service to distribute the material easily to iPods and iPhones.

YouTube for chosen few

"Since its re-launch in 2007, Canon iMage Gateway has offered our customers a world-class digital photo experience, encouraging them to make the most of their Canon products," commented Christiaan Holman, New Media Manager, Canon Europe.

"With the launch of the new Canon iMage Gateway Video Podcast service, we offer even more ways for Canon users to explore their products' capabilities."

Significantly, the service is limited to movies no larger than 100MB so don't expect your reworking of Heat to be shown in its entirety.

Or for the uploads to be any good. But let's face it, if you get flamed by your friends and family, it really is time to put this particular strand of your career on the back burner.