Star Wars Blu-ray: UK release date announced

Star Wars - the HD is strong with this one
Star Wars - the HD is strong with this one

Star Wars is to finally be released on Blu-ray in 2011, with the entire sextet given the high-definition treatment for the first time in the home.

Now purists will be a touch annoyed to hear that the original prints of the movies (no Greedo shooting Han etc) will not be the versions given the HD treatment.

Instead George 'the tinkerman' Lucas has decided his updated and restored version which came out in the late '90s will be the ones heading to Blu-ray.

Star Wars HD

According to, Star Wars: The Complete Saga will come out in September, with 6.1 surround. The Blu-ray box set has a UK release date of 13 September 2011.

To go alongside the movies, there will be 40 hours of special features. New features include feature length doc Star Warriors, A Conversation with the Masters: The Empire Strikes Back 30 Years Later, Star Wars Spoofs.

There's also an archive of content for all six of the movies.

And you will also get a 'grow your own midichlorian' kit.

We may have made that last bit up.

What the Blu-ray won't come with is a guarantee that this will be the first and last edition released on format. This is because there is going to be the inevitable 3D launch on the horizon.

Via Total Film

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