Valve Index will go back on sale March 9 – but for how long?

Half-Life: Alyx
(Image credit: Valve)

Valve has announced that its Index VR headsets will be back in stock on March 9.

The VR hardware will once again be available to buy as of 10am PT (6pm in the UK) on that day, presumably in all countries which previously stocked the Valve Index – or at least some of them. The company didn’t clarify anything further about precise regional availability.

At any rate, wherever the Valve Index goes back in stock next week, it’s a fair bet that the inventory will be gone pretty much in a flash.

Valve itself noted on Steam: “Recent demand for the Index system has been high, so we do expect that available stock on hand will sell out quickly. We will continue to take orders after those units have been sold, so purchases beyond this initial quantity will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received, as supplies increase over the coming months.”

Production problems

Valve has previously made it known that it won’t be able to produce as many Index headsets as first hoped, thanks to the interference of coronavirus, which has meant that there will be “far fewer units” for sale in the coming months than there otherwise would have been.

So given that there seem to be plenty of folks willing to pull the trigger on a purchase ahead of Half-Life: Alyx coming out on March 23, sadly it’s likely that only the lucky ones will actually get to purchase an Index headset. At least the good news is that those who put their order in earlier will be towards the front of the queue as more units are produced.

Meantime, Valve continues to build hype around the imminent VR shooter, with the recent revelation of Half-Life: Alyx videos showing off the three different types of VR movement featured in the game.

And for those who already own an Index, a couple of Half-Life: Alyx preview locations have been released, so you can download them, and pop in to get a taster of the game’s environments.

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