UK preorders for Samsung The Freestyle projector include free wireless earbuds

Samsung's The Freestyle
(Image credit: Samsung)

Preorders for the new Samsung The Freestyle projector are now live in the UK and, for a limited time, you can receive a pair of Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds as a free bonus.

Samsung’s brand new portable projector caused quite a stir when it was unveiled at CES 2022 earlier this month. Soon we’ll be able to try it out for ourselves as it's just opened for preorder ahead of its February 16 UK launch (it launches on January 23 in the US).

Priced at £999 - a considerable markup compared to its $899 price in the US (equivalent to £650) - the new portable projector boasts some decent specs. Its auto-keystone and auto-leveling features should ensure your full-HD image is crisp and clear up to a 100-inch size, while Smart Calibration promises to deliver optimal brightness and color tones even if your wall isn’t painted white.

To top it off, the main selling point of The Freestyle is its portability. You can easily carry this projector with you while you’re out on the go and can rely on a portable power bank to keep it juiced up and ready to use.

If all that sounds appealing, you might want to put in a preorder before February 15. If you do, you’ll not only nab the new Samsung projector but a complimentary travel case and pair of Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds, too.

But, if you ask us, you might want to hold off for a minute. 

First, these bonuses, while great, could be better. Sure, their decent audio performance and 28-hour battery life helped the Galaxy Buds Live score four stars in our review, but they won’t wow audiophiles and are currently on sale for under £80. The case costs just £60 normally, too - so you won’t miss out on much if you decide not to preorder.

Additionally, we’re not far from seeing The Freestyle launch in the US (it comes out January 23) - meaning we’ll soon see reviews popping up that should help UK buyers decide if it lives up to the hype before confirming a preorder.

That being said, if you’ve already decided you want to go all-in on Samsung’s The Freestyle projector, then you can head to to put your name down for a preorder right now. 

Hamish Hector
Senior Staff Writer, News

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