This tough Dutch e-bike has a cute sidecar for your cockapoo

Dog riding in Phatfour e-bike sidecar
(Image credit: Phatfour)

If you love the idea of riding an electric bike but worry your dog will be unable to keep up, Dutch company Phatfour has the perfect solution: a sidecar that attaches to your e-bike so your furry friend can feel the breeze while you cruise at a top speed of 15mph.

The sidecar attaches to the company's FLB+ and FLS+ e-bikes, which Top Gear compares to toy motorcycles, but are actually based on classic Dutch Simplex designs.

Both models have hand-made steel frames, hand-stitched leather saddles, 20 x 3.5in fat tires, and Shimano seven-speed gears. Hydraulic brakes to bring you to a stop safely even in poor weather conditions (reassuring since they weigh 25kg each).

The FLS+ and FLB+ both cost £2,403 (about $3,300 / AU$4,500), and the sidecar is sold separately for £766 (about $1,000 / AU$1,400), bringing the total cost of your new dog-carrying setup to £3,169 (about $4,300 / AU$6,000).

Man petting dog in Phatfour e-bike sidecar

(Image credit: Phatfour)

Although certainly not cheap, that's a very reasonable price for what is effectively an electric cargo bike. The new Raleigh Stride 3 cargo e-bike costs £4,695 (about $6,500 / AU$8,800, and the 2021 Cube Cargo is on sale for £4,099 (about $5,600 / AU$7,800).

Paws for thought

Phatfour also advises that you can use the sidecar to carry other heavy loads, including toddlers and flat-screen TVs, but the ability to safely carry your dog Wallace and Gromit style is surely its main appeal.

You'll have to move quickly though, as Phatfour is limited its production run to just 50 units. Pre-orders are open now, and it's due to start shipping on November 1.

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