This smart ring could stop you getting sunburned

Worried you don’t get enough sun? Or maybe you think you're going to get sunburned while on holiday? This new smart ring will help you monitor the amount of sunlight you’re getting, from your finger.

UV sensors on the top of the ring monitor the rays you’re getting and the accompanying app will then warn you if it's too much or not enough. 

It’ll monitor the amount of daylight you’ve been exposed to – especially useful if you regularly sit at a desk – as well as your vitamin D levels and UV exposure.

Keeping an eye on the skin

The app will give you a rundown of how much more sunlight you should see before it sets to get the right amount of vitamin D or whether it’s time to seek some shade.

It breaks it down to a handy count of how many minutes more you should get, so you can know whether it'll be a five-minute walk or if you need to spend  longer outside.

The Helios app will also ask for your clothing and whether you're wearing sun tan lotion to make sure it's an accurate result.

Whether your finger is the best place for monitoring sunlight is unclear. The device pictured above is currently only a prototype, and we're not sure whether people will want to wear it while on holiday.

Helios announced plans to release its smart ring in April while at the Wearable Technology Show 2017 in London. 

Throughout Europe the smart ring will cost €149 (about £130, $160, AU$210) but there’s no word on when it will be released in Australia or the US. It's set to launch in black, white and a variety of other uncertain colors too.

James Peckham

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