This Sea of Thieves edition Xbox One S is the best kind of loot

If you had a sinking feeling that you might not get a new special edition Xbox One S in 2018, you can belay your fears. Microsoft has just announced a new Sea of Thieves special edition Xbox One S that will be released on March 20, 2018. 

The special edition console in question will come with a 1TB hard drive and a full download of Sea of Thieves, plus a one month subscription to both Xbox Live and Xbox Games Pass. 

So, how much of your hard-earned booty will you have to fork over to Microsoft to claim a console of your own? Surprisingly, not much. The 1TB Sea of Thieves Special Edition Xbox One S will cost $299/£249 (around AU$399). 

There’s just one catch…

While most special edition consoles come with the accompanying special controller, the Sea of Thieves bundle will not. That means if you want the exceptionally cool translucent purple controller, you’ll have to buy it separately … to the tune of $74.99 / £52.99 / AU$99. 

You can’t catch your fish and eat them, too

Why is Microsoft giving you the short end of the oar on the controller? It’s likely because the console isn’t a full special edition – it’s moreso a bundle. 

The distinction between a bundle and a special edition is a bit blurry, but the latter typically entails a crafted console with a different plastic shell while the former is usually just a generic console bundled with a game, usually sold at a discount. 

In this case, because you’re just getting a generic console with the game packed in you’ll have to pay separately for the special edition controller. 

Ain’t that just a bucket o’ fish? 

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Nick Pino

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