This Prime Day Galaxy S21 and S21+ deal finally pushed me to switch to Android

Samsung Galaxy S21 plus deals unlocked sale price cheap
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Most people have very strong opinions about the Android vs iPhone debate, and I don't want to wade into that quagmire here. But I've been leaning towards switching to Android for some time, and this super-cheap Prime Day deal on the Galaxy S21$200 off – and Galaxy S21 Plus$300 off – made the decision easy for me.

As a long-time iPhone user, I knew very little about Android OS until phone coverage became my professional focus last year, at which point I borrowed some Android phones from colleagues and began using them in my daily life. I discovered Android launchers, dynamic notifications and widgets, and other design tools that Apple has only just begun to emulate with its OS.

I realized that Android is just a better fit for my personality. I enjoy fiddling with and improving my devices so they feel more personal to me, since I spend so much time on them. New tricks like Material You for Android 12 have me much more excited than Apple's iOS 15 plans.

Despite that, I hesitated for the simple reason that I didn't want to drop $1000 on a new phone, especially if I couldn't know how long the company would support it. Apple has spoiled me with how long it updates old phones. But $600 for a Samsung phone for which the company promises to provide three OS updates and four years of security updates? That I can get behind.

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB:  at Amazon | SIM-free | 

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB: at Amazon | SIM-free | $799.99 $599.99
This year's Amazon Prime Day sales is offering one of the largest discounts yet on the cheapest of the three Galaxy S21 devices. With this discount, you'll only pay $599.99. Considering the specs and features that come with this device, that's a brilliant offer. If you know you'll need more storage, the 256GB model is also down in price, currently only costing $649.99.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128GB:  at Amazon | SIM-free | 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128GB: at Amazon | SIM-free | $999.99 $699.99
Samsung's Galaxy S21 Plus falls in the middle of the brand's flagship range, offering a mix of the S21's affordability and the Ultra's size. In the Amazon Prime Day sales, you'll be able to get the device for just $749.99. That's less than the smaller Galaxy S21 cost on its launch and a pretty excellent saving. Like the above device, you can upgrade to the 256GB model at a reduced cost, currently only costing $799.99.

So with that decision, I then had to weigh the Galaxy S21 versus the Galaxy S21 Plus and decide which to buy. Comparing the two Prime Day phone deals, the S21 Plus is discounted $100 more, but the S21 still costs $100 less. The S21+ gives you more battery, a larger screen, and a glass back for that extra $100, which is a pretty good bargain.

Despite that, I decided to go with the standard S21. Both phones have the same chipset and RAM, and I've realized that I'd rather have a decent-sized, speedy phone that's comfortable to hold one-handed.

If you've ever considered switching to Android, now's a great time to jump on that bandwagon. We're pretty sure that the iPhone 13 isn't going to have any major upgrades. So you can buy the S21 or S21+ for the price of a mid-range phone, test it for a year without any FOMO, then decide whether to stick with Android or go running back to Apple. That's my plan, anyways!

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