This is what the PSVR 2 headset could look like

PSVR 2 renders
(Image credit: Future)

Sony has confirmed that PSVR 2, a second-iteration of its relatively successful PlayStation VR headset, is currently in development – but what could the device look like?

Sony hasn’t shared any information regarding the PSVR 2 headset itself, other than the fact it won’t be wireless. That means we’re still waiting to find out the technical details of Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset, though we do at least know what to expect from the PSVR 2’s controllers.

While it’s still unclear when Sony will make its grand reveal of the PSVR 2, we’ve created renders of what the headset’s design might look like, along with some predictions on the type of features that could be included. Remember, there’s no guarantee that these renders will be accurate when Sony pulls back the curtain on the PSVR 2, but it’s always fun to speculate. Thanks go to Paul Blachford, art editor at our publisher Future, for his excellent work on these designs.

As you can see from the renders, we believe Sony will closely follow the existing look of the original PSVR. The headset strap will remain the same, with the majority of the weight of the headset resting on a user’s forehead instead of on the nose. We still believe that Sony’s PSVR is one of the most comfortable headsets around, so expect minor changes here, if any at all – though a button to quickly lift the visor up and away from your forehead for a quick glimpse of the outside world would be welcome.

A familiar yet improved design 

PSVR 2 PlayStation logo branding

(Image credit: Future)

We expect the PSVR 2 headset to include the subtle circle, square, triangle, and cross pattern found on the PS5 DualSense controller and PS5 itself. The pattern is also present on the PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, so Sony will likely continue this clever branding touch on the PlayStation VR 2 headset.

Though our renders show an all-black design, something that would match the PSVR 2 controllers, it’s possible a white trim might be present. The PS5’s divisive two-tone white and black design isn’t for everyone and was actually present on the original PSVR headset. 

A shift to an all-black color scheme would help separate the last-gen and current device and also meet the desire of many gamers who wished the PS5 was all black in the first place. And for something that sits on your head and over your eyes, having it match the console isn’t really necessary in our opinion.

Greater fidelity 

PSVR 2 front of headset

(Image credit: Future)

On the outside of the device, we believe the PSVR 2 will include more sensors and tracking dots than before for improved performance. In conjunction with the PS5 HD Camera, which is only really used for streaming to Twitch from PlayStation 5 at the moment, the PSVR 2 should offer a far more sophisticated experience overall. In terms of inside-out tracking, it’s unclear whether the PSVR 2 will support it, though we’re not ruling it out.

Expect better audio 

PSVR 2 side on

(Image credit: Future)

When it comes to sound, the PSVR 2 could include bone-conduction speaker technology built into the headset, which would mean your ears could remain ‘open’, as you won’t need to use any earbuds or over-ear headphones.

If Sony does opt to use earbuds or headphones of some kind, expect them to be tuned to take advantage of 3D Audio, Sony’s proprietary spatial audio technology that’s available on PS5. 

With a rumored launch date of Christmas 2022, we should hear more about the PSVR 2 in the new year. For now, we’ll have to wait patiently until Sony reveal more.

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