This cheap Android PC has a unique feature that will appeal to audiophiles

(Image credit: Beelink)

It bears a white skull on a blue maritime background and you might be tempted to call it a pirate’s PC, but the Beelink GT-King Pro – an Android TV box – is instead aiming to capture the imagination (and the wallets) of audiophiles, who are more inclined to listen to lossless music files than (pirated) lossy ones.

At the core of the GT-King Pro are a quartet of chips: two ESS Hi-Fi decoding chips and two RiCore RT6862 Op-Amp chips. That’s backed by a rare Amlogic S922X-H CPU – a six-core model with an ARM Mali-G52 MP6 GPU.

A decent TV box

The rest of the specification sheet holds its own: 4GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage with a full size SD card slot, Android 9.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and a GbE connector.

There are no SDPIF ports, but Beelink claims support for DTS, Dolby Audio and can drive up to 7.1 channels. We liked the voice-operated remote control and the fact that it has four USB ports, but the presence of an RS232 port (aka serial) leaves us baffled.

Grab it for $135 after a $5 discount when you enter the coupon code GBCNGTKINGPRO at Gearbest.  

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Desire Athow
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