'They are right': The Mandalorian director admits some season 3 fan theories are true

Grogu stares in awe at some fireworks being let off in The Mandalorian season 3
The Mandalorian season 3 trailers have set the internet ablaze with speculation. (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney Plus)

Rick Famuyiwa has admitted that some fan theories surrounding The Mandalorian season 3 are 100% true.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, the Star Wars show's director-executive producer confirmed that some fans had correctly guessed parts of The Mandalorian season 3's story, character introductions, and how it'll tie into other projects set in the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars fans shouldn't get too excited about finding out which theories are true, though. Given the secrecy around the Disney Plus show's latest season, Famuyiwa declined the opportunity to provide specific examples. Instead, he chose to praise the global Star Wars fanbase for their tenacious detective work – even if some of their hypotheses are wide of the mark.

"I'm always fascinated by our fans," Famuyiwa said. "I'm among them, because I know from both our show and other shows, and things in this world, that detective work and [having] that gusto is pretty spectacular. 

"Oftentimes you're surprised by how accurate it is. You go 'Wow, I can't believe they pulled that'. Other times, it's completely way off. But I think the energy of it all is exciting. I would say that some fan theories are on point and some aren't. I can't confirm which is which, but they are right in some ways."

This is the way – to keep fans guessing

Din Djarin stands in a desert location looking at something off screen alongside his fellow Mandalorians in season 3

There are lots of Mandalorian season 3 fan theories out there (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

A show as popular as The Mandalorian, particularly one that's set in Lucasfilm's legendary sci-fi franchise, will draw more than your average amount of fan theories, rumors, and other online speculation. And with industry insiders and other leakers, well, leaking information and on-set images during and after a show's principal photography has wrapped, it's becoming easier for some fans to hypothesize how a series' next installment could play out.

The arrival of official footage – such as The Mandalorian season 3's official trailer, which debuted in January 2023 – only adds more fuel to the fire. Of course, trailers are released to drum up excitement ahead of a movie or show's release, and most fans recognize that. However, some fans – us included – will really dig into what the footage means, cross-referencing it with leaked material, and trying to connect the dots.

It's understandable, then, why key members of The Mandalorian's crew, including Famuyiwa, have to be so careful about what they say. As Famuyiwa revealed, he's as likely as any other fan to take a quick peek to see what online rumors are floating around. Unlike us, though, Famuyiwa confirmed that he tries his best "not to get deep into the rumors because I don't want to go down rabbit holes". We hear you, Rick.

Potentially big spoilers for The Mandalorian season 3 follow after the tweet below.

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However, some fans just can't help themselves, and plenty of rumors about The Mandalorian season 3 have emerged online in recent weeks. 

There's talk that the official trailer's Jedi tease is a Baby Yoda-based flashback to Order 66, which could mean Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker – last seen in Obi-Wan Kenobi – makes a crowd-pleasing cameo. Legendary actor Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) is set to feature in some capacity, too, and some leakers might have already spoiled the surprise by suggesting he's portraying an elderly Mandalorian chieftain.

Then there's talk about Boba Fett playing a supporting role, especially after Din Djarin's appearance in The Book of Boba Fett, and given that The Mandalorian season 3 is set to explore Boba and Din's home world of Mandalore in greater detail.

We'll find out if these rumors – and the rest – are true once The Mandalorian's third season starts airing on March 1. One thing is certain, though: it'll still feature in our best Disney Plus shows list, regardless of which predictions are proven correct.

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