These two O2 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals blow everything else away right now

Samsung Galaxy s20 plus deals
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When they first launched, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals came with some massive price tags. Over time those cost has subsided slightly but recently, one retailer has brought the price way down.

Mobile Phones Direct has launched a collection of O2 S20 Plus contracts, two of which bring your costs below the SIM-free price of the handset, technically getting you a free big data SIM plan with the phone.

Of these two deals, the cheaper of the two will cost you just £34 a month and £99.99 upfront. That's the cheapest contract out there right now and manages to land you 60GB of data.

Mobile Phones Direct also has a 160GB of data option costing £41 a month. Like the above option, this costs less than the SIM-free cost of the handset making it another bargain price.

You can see both of these mobile phone deals below.

These Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals in full:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: at Mobile Phones Direct | O2 | 60GB | £99.99 upfront | £34 a month

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: at Mobile Phones Direct | O2 | 60GB | £99.99 upfront | £34 a month
Like to keep your monthly bills down in price? This contract will be for you. It offers 60GB of data while only charging £34 a month. To get your bills that low you have to up your upfront costs to £99.99 but even then, this is easily the cheapest S20 Plus contract we've seen.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: at Mobile Phones Direct | O2 |

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: at Mobile Phones Direct | O2 | 60GB 160GB data | FREE upfront | £41 a month
If you know you'll need more data or you don't like the idea of having to pay so much upfront, this could be the better option for you. It doesn't cost a penny upfront and then on a monthly basis, your bills come in at £41.  For that price, you're getting a massive 160GB of data - a pretty fantastic offer in our eyes.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus like?

What exactly does 2020 Samsung flagship technology look like? Well, to start with, the cameras are better than ever, offering up a feature-heavy collection of lenses - ultra-wide, wide-angle, telephoto and even depth vision technology.

With the S20 Plus and you'll receive a 6.7-inch AMOLED display and 4500mAh battery, a 120Hz display refresh rate and some absolutely amazing zoom features.

While you could go for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals or the larger S20 Ultra, this feels like the best mix of value and cost Samsung has right now, especially considering its high-end processing power at a low cost.

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