These Tommy Hilfiger smart clothes will reward you for wearing them

Ever felt you deserve to be rewarded for waking up, showering and putting your clothes on in the morning? Tommy Hilfiger's new line of clothes will do that, but you don't necessarily have to shower.

The brand just announced a new range of smart clothes that include Bluetooth chips inside that will let the company know when you're wearing their items.

The more you wear your new smart clothes, the more rewards and benefits you'll access within the Tommy Hilfiger iOS app. Basically the company wants to encourage you to embrace its brand more.

This isn't smart clothing to communicate with your phone or to pipe your notifications to your shirt... the Bluetooth is just used to track when you're wearing something and letting Tommy Hilfiger know.

The new line of clothes connect to the Tommy Jeans Xplore app and include t-shirts, jeans, jackets, bags, caps, hoodies and sweatshirts.

But... why?

You'll be able to compete in challenges within the app against other fans of the brand, and you'll be tasked with wearing the clothes more often. There's also a mini game that encourages you to walk around the app's map to find Tommy Hilfiger branded icons... yes, really.

When you've earned points, you can then trade them in for lots of rewards including signed merchandise, old items of clothing from its archives, or gift cards. There may be other benefits in the future too.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is usually quick to embrace new technology, but this isn't exactly a big innovation. It's essentially just a tracker to keep an eye on how often you wear the clothes, making it a glorified loyalty scheme.

Perhaps the even bigger question is how much data Tommy Hilfiger will be recording from those who are wearing the clothes and how will that be used? The brand has confirmed its information is encrypted so it will be able to collect stats from your clothes rather than other data, like your location.

So far you can only buy the clothes in the US either online or from its 5th Avenue New York City flagship store.

Via TechCrunch

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