These stealthy GPS e-bikes look just like your pedal-powered bicycle

Man standing with Ampler Stout e-bike
The second-generation Ampler Stout e-bike (Image credit: Ampler)

Looking for a cheap, light electric bike? Last week, Estonian bike-builder Ampler unveiled two brand new featherweight e-bikes, the Juna and the Axel, and now it's updated three of its most popular existing models as well.

The Ampler Curt, Stout, and Stellar have all received a redesign for 2022, and now feature integrated GPS, allowing you to easily find where you locked them and unlock them remotely. They also have a new electronics platform with an integrated display built into the top tube where you can check remaining range, trips stats, and battery range. You can also use it to control the power support level

The Ampler Curt, which has held a place in our roundup of the best e-bikes for over a year thanks to its super slim frame and light weight, is perhaps the best known of the trio. Like the original, the 2022 version is a city bike available in both single-speed and geared versions (the latter of which is better suited to tackling hills and helps you eke out more mileage from its battery).

Ampler Curt

The second-generation Ampler Curt e-bike (Image credit: Ampler)

Whichever model you opt for, it's tough to tell the difference between the Curt and a conventional bicycle without close inspection. The battery is fully integrated into a surprisingly slim downtube, and all wiring is internally routed.

The new Curt has a range of up to 63 miles / 100km depending on power use, terrain, and riding conditions, and averages about 43 miles / 70km in real-world conditions. Its battery is fully integrated into the downtube, giving the impression of a conventional bike, and the single-speed version has a carbon drive belt to reduce maintenance.

The single-speed model weighs a mere 14.4kg, while the 11-speed chain drive version is 15.7kg. For comparison, the similarly styled and specced Cowboy 4 weighs between 18.9kg and 19.2kg.

That slimmer frame does come at a slightly higher price, though. While the Cowboy 4 is $2,490 / £2,290 (about 3,400), the 2022 Ampler Curt costs €3,190 (about $3,500 / £2,700 / AU$4,900), putting in squarely in the mid-range price bracket for a class one e-bike.

Stout and Stellar

The second-gen Ampler Stout is a strong all-purpose e-bike for everyday riding, with ergonomically designed handlebars and saddle, new brighter lights for visibility at night, and puncture-protected tires. It has nine gears and a chain drive, providing a handy midway point between the single-speed and 11-speed Ampler Curt models.

It weighs 17.8kg (approximately the same as the super portable GoCycle G4 folding e-bike), and has the same battery and motor as the Curt. It costs €2,790 (about $3,000 / £2,300 / AU$4,200), making it a slightly more affordable option than the Curt, and roughly the same price as the versatile Ribble CGR AL e.

Woman standing with Ampler Stellar e-bike

(Image credit: Ampler)

The final updated bike, the Ampler Stellar, is similar to the Stout in terms of specs, but with a low step-through design for easier mounting and dismounting, and a more upright sitting position. There's also a small frame size for riders between 5'3" and 5'7" tall, whereas the Curt and Stout are only available in medium and large.

The Stellar is the same price as the Ampler Stout, and is the same weight (though it can also be fitted with a rear carrier for shopping or a child seat, or a trailer for towing large loads).

We're hoping to test the new GPS-equipped bikes soon, and will bring you full reviews as soon as we've had the opportunity to put them through their paces.

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