These custom PS5 faceplates let you change the look of Sony's console

PS5 pre-orders
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Update: Sony has since taken legal action against the company, forcing it to cancel all orders and pull its custom PS5 faceplates from sale

The PS5’s two-tone white and black color scheme certainly isn’t for everyone, but the good news is you can customize the console simply by replacing the PS5’s faceplates.

We’ve already seen how the side panels pop off fairly easily in Sony’s official PS5 teardown video (you’ll have to pry away the plastic sides if you want to install an additional NVMe SSD), so it was only a matter of time before a company created a series of third-party colored faceplates.

With black, red, blue and chromatic silver available, a company called PlateStation has stepped up to right the wrongs of Sony’s color choice with a range of PS5 custom plates available to order for $39.99 (around £30).

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While we can’t speak for the quality or how easy they are to fit, the limited edition v1 matte black faceplate is bound to prove popular with gamers who long for a PS5 in black. We’re also a fan of the chromatic silver that harkens back to early shots of the PS3 and its concept boomerang controller. 

Of course, even if you pop off the PS5’s faceplates and replace them with one of the colors here, you’ll still be stuck with a two-toned PS5 DualSense controller and accessories. If money’s no option, though, you could always purchase a gold PS5 for $10,000 (around £7,700 / AU$14,000). 

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