These are the top videos and trends on YouTube in 2020

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YouTube has shared its annual list of most popular videos and creators for 2020 for the United States. The list showcases the content that's gaining the most traction, and the stars and topics that are getting the most eyeballs. 

The roster will be of help to those looking to improve their YouTube content approach.

"This year’s top trending videos show how creators quickly adapted to the unforeseen challenges of 2020 while also addressing the unique, personal needs of their communities," YouTube's Head of Culture & Trends, Kevin Allocca said.

Looking at the list of the top trending videos, you cannot spot any specific trend in terms  of content. Comedy, especially with social messages, continues to be a good draw. 

Not surprisingly, gaming was another popular area. Positive message clips have also done well.

"While engagement was up across YouTube, these 10 videos resonated with U.S. viewers the most. Collectively, they were watched more than 356 million times and for around 48 million hours. The channels behind them total more than 175 million subscribers," YouTube said.

The list:

Top creators in the YouTube list for 2020

This year’s top creators list demonstrates the popularity of gaming creators like Dream, Tiko, JoshDub, and LazarBeam, who found connection through social gaming. Five of the ten channels listed having gaming-related content. Fortnite, Minecraft and Among Us are the top games that got attention from these creators. 

The list of top creators:

Gaming is clearly a major influencer among the youth set. The other popular trends are fitness videos and make-up tutorials. Those wanting to up their YouTube game may do well to check these videos out and keep these trends in mind.

In music, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion took on the world of hip-hop, Drake cemented his influence, Lil Baby released a powerful protest anthem, and so much more.

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