These affordable wireless earbuds pack a feature you won't find elsewhere

JBuds Air Pro wireless earbuds
(Image credit: JLab)

Audio brand JLab has launched the JBuds Air Pro, an affordable pair of true wireless earbuds that pack a shockingly rare - but useful - feature in the form of Bluetooth multipoint connectivity.

The JBuds Air Pro is available for $60 (around £46) from JLab's official store. They appear to only be available in the US right now, but we've reached out to JLab for comment on whether the wireless earbuds will receive a global release.

Alongside Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, the JBuds Air Pro also sport the audio brand's bespoke JLab Quality Sound with three EQ settings, an impressive 9 hours of battery life on a single charge (with up to 32 hours provided by the charging case), an IP55 resistance rating and a safe listening mode to keep you aware of your surroundings for when you're out and about.

What's the big deal with multipoint connectivity?

Bluetooth multipoint connectivity is actually quite the monumental inclusion here, especially for a pair of wireless earbuds as affordable as the JBuds Air Pro. The feature has actually been around since the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0, well over a decade ago, but it's oddly rarely used and usually reserved for the best wireless headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4.

What multipoint connectivity allows you to do is somewhat self-explanatory. With the feature, you can connect to more than one device simultaneously. As an example, you can connect to a PC or laptop to listen to music, while also pairing the buds to your phone so you can catch incoming calls.

It's a feature that you'll be shockingly hard-pressed to find among even the best wireless earbuds you can buy, including the Apple AirPods Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

And while we can't imagine the JBuds Air Pro matching the incredible sound quality of those more expensive buds, the benefits of multipoint connectivity mean that they should be on your radar if, say, you're a remote worker who has a computer or laptop and their phone on hand at all times.

However, we've been impressed with JLab's buds in the past. In our reviews of the JBuds Air Executive and the JLab Go Air true wireless earbuds, in both cases we were won over by the exceptional value for money, recommending them as an excellent choice as a pair of backup buds.

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