The Samsung Galaxy S23 series could have loads of new and upgraded camera features

Samsung Galaxy S22 Bora Purple detail
A Samsung Galaxy S22 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Most leaks suggest the camera hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series won’t be improving much – with the exception of a new 200MP sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But the software and modes could be in for some big changes.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is planning a number of new features and improvements for the cameras on the S23 series; including the ability to shoot hyperlapse videos of the sky, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung is also reportedly adding a Pro mode to the front-facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, so you’ll have more control over your selfies, and the trio of phones will also reportedly allow you to save RAW photos in 50MP resolution according to this same source; in the past, this has typically been limited to 12MP.

It sounds like the latter two changes will probably come to all three Samsung Galaxy S23 models, with the hyperlapse sky video capture being an Ultra exclusive.

On top of all that, leaker @UniverseIce has shared short promotional videos, teasing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s cameras.

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One of these videos teases a “wow-worthy resolution,” which is probably referring to the 200MP camera we’ve widely heard the S23 Ultra will possess, while the other says that “stunning night photos are coming,” and we’ve previously heard a source say that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be able to take superb low light shots.

Interestingly, while these seem likely to be referring to the S23 Ultra, they show three camera lenses, which is the number we’re expecting on the standard Samsung Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus – with the Ultra likely to have four, as on the last three generations. So perhaps we could see low light image quality improved on the standard and Plus models too.

We’ll find out for sure soon, as Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S23 series will be unveiled on February 1. If you're already interested, in the US you can reserve an S23 now and receive up to $100 in Samsung store credit in the process.

Analysis: you might not need a Samsung Galaxy S23 to get some of these upgrades

Hopefully, these leaks are accurate, as they suggest the Samsung Galaxy S23 series might get quite a few camera upgrades, but these might not be a reason to upgrade your phone just yet.

Samsung often adds new camera features to older models through software updates too, so many of the things mentioned above could potentially make their way to the Galaxy S22 series and other Samsung phones, as well.

Indeed, SamMobile specifically notes that some of these things could arrive on older devices through software updates.

Of course, you’re not going to get more megapixels through software, and there will be limits to how much Samsung can improve low light shots without changing the hardware, but things like 50MP RAW photos and a Pro mode for the selfie camera could almost certainly be added to existing phones. So even the current crop of best Samsung phones have the potential to get even better, very soon.

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