The Red Hydrogen One will launch soon – in the US at least

Red Hydrogen One

Red Hydrogen One, the oft-delayed smartphone from the famed camera maker, is finally coming out, and in the US it will be coming to Verizon and AT&T.

Building off of the modular roots of the Moto Z, the Hydrogen One features a pogo pin system that will allow for add-ons that enhance the functionality of the phone over time. A high-end camera module has been rumored to launch for the phone, but we’ll likely see some predictable ones come at launch, like battery packs and speakers.

The real highlight of the Red Hydrogen One is its 5.7-inch holographic display. While not yet shown off to the public, those who have seen it in action claim that it’s the next big thing. Even Verizon’s press release echoes a similar sentiment: “you have to hold it in your hands and experience it yourself to understand why this is such a mobile game changer”.

When will it come out?

Verizon hasn’t shared a release date or, more importantly, a price for the Red phone. Released unlocked, the Hydrogen One may have been prohibitively expensive (as much as $1,295+ (around £950, AU$1,700), so tying it to a carrier will at least bring into the realm of affordability for most.

Recently, Red stated that the phone was delayed and now coming in August. However, the shift to launching on Verizon may push its release further into 2018 – or, who knows, cut it shorter.

The holographic display and other features on offer will really have to impress to make the Red Hydrogen One stick out in 2018. According to previous communications from Red’s CEO, this phone will pack in some 2017 tech, like the Snapdragon 835. A full spec sheet hasn’t been shared, but we expect to see more details soon.

As for what this means for the global audience, we’re not sure. Given that the phone is launching on both a CDMA and GSM carrier bodes well for its compatibility abroad, but it’s hard to say if Red will retain the ability to sell the phone unlocked through its own channels.

Cameron Faulkner

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