A fix for the Meta Quest Pro’s Air Link is coming in its next update

The Meta Quest Pro
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The Air Link feature that allows users to wirelessly connect their Oculus Quest 2 to a PC over Wi-Fi isn’t great, but it’s somehow a lot worse on the Meta Quest Pro. Thankfully that should all change in the next update according to Meta’s director of wireless.

If you want to play the best VR games on PC using your Meta Quest Pro you have two options; you can either pay up for an Oculus Link cable or you can connect wirelessly using Air Link or an app like Virtual Desktop.

The latter can work fairly well, but admittedly it depends a lot on your internet speed as well as your setup. For the best results, you want to have your router, your PC, and your Quest Pro in the same room together. However, for some reason despite the Pro offering many upgrades on the Oculus Quest 2, wirelessly connecting to your PC got a lot worse for some users.

Bruno Cendón, Meta’s director of wireless has revealed in a tweet that this is a known issue with the Meta Quest Pro but it couldn’t be fixed before launch. This should change in the next Meta Quest Pro software update and wirelessly connecting your PC and Quest Pro should  become “as good as in the Quest 2.”

The cause of the issue relates to DFS Channels; it’s a feature used by Wi-Fi to allow devices to use a broader range of Wi-Fi channels such as the 5 GHz frequencies that are usually reserved for radar and satellite communications.

According to Virtual Desktop developer Guy Godin, disabling your Wi-Fi router’s DFS Channels in your router’s setting can fix the Meta Quest Pro’s problems. However, this won’t be a fix for everyone; not all routers can disable DFS channels and you might not want to disable them just so your VR headset can work a little better.

Hopefully, Meta will be able to stick to Cendón’s timeline and release a fix in the next update, but at least we now know that Meta is working on fixing the issue and that one should be on the way soon.

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