The iPhone 13 or 14 might be a foldable phone

iPhone 11 pro
The iPhone 11 Pro doesn't fold, but a future model might. (Image credit: Future)

Update: The source of the foldable iPhone claim has since provided more details, claiming that the current prototype isn't really foldable, and instead has "two separate display panels on a hinge", with round, stainless steel edges like the iPhone 11, and no notch, opting instead for a "tiny forehead" on the outer display, housing Face ID.

The two displays look like one continuous, seamless one apparently, so visually it might not be too far off a typical foldable. As for a release date, he's apparently "not even close to knowing."

Original story follows...

With Samsung not far off releasing its third foldable phone (the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2) it’s reasonable to wonder if Apple has one in the works – and the answer may well be yes.

According to Jon Prosser – a leaker with a good track record – Apple is indeed making a foldable iPhone. In a reply to a tweet asking him to blink twice if the company is making one, he, well, blinked twice, but followed up by saying that it won’t be coming this year.

That second point is no surprise at all – we’ve seen all manner of leaks and rumors about the iPhone 12 range, and there's been no indication that any of the models will be foldable devices.

But the fact that Apple is working on such a device isn’t particularly surprising either. There have been hints about folding iPhones before, and it’s always seemed logical that a folding iPhone would be a case of 'when' not 'if'.

That said, most previous hints at such a device took the form of patents, which really only meant that Apple was considering the idea – not actually making one, as Prosser now suggests.

If a folding iPhone really is in the works, then it’s possible it might land before too long – so perhaps the iPhone 13 next year, or the iPhone 14 the year after that will fold, although that’s just speculation for now.

Apple tends not to adopt technology until it's been perfected, so the wait could still be quite a while. Either way, hopefully we’ll hear more about this foldable device before too long.

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