The Google Pixel Tablet could soon become even more like an iPad

Google Pixel Tablet at Google I/O
The Pixel Tablet (Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The Google Pixel Tablet is in some ways like an iPad, specifically an iPad 10.9 (2022), as they’re both mid-range slates and have very similar screen sizes. But the gap between looks as though it may continue to narrow.

That’s because – according to leaker @Za_Raczke (via Phone Arena) – Google is working on a ‘Stylus for Pixel Tablet’ and a ‘Keyboard for Pixel Tablet’. They put those terms in quotes, so it sounds like those would be the launch names for these accessories.

In a follow-up tweet, they claim these accessories are still in development, and don’t give any indication of when they will actually launch.

We’d take this with a pinch of salt then, as it’s always possible that in-development stuff won’t ever see the light of day. Plus, this leaker doesn’t have as much of an established track record as some, though they have accurately leaked things in the past.

Also in support of this, Mishaal Rahman (who does have an extensive and decent track record) replied noting they’d spotted the term ‘Android stylus’ in Android code. Though they added that “this could just be an internal testing-only product.”

A big upgrade to a promising tablet

Still, if Google does launch a keyboard and stylus for the Pixel Tablet, that would make it way better both for work and creation, and give it two more tools that you can also get with an iPad. Coming from Google, it’s likely these accessories would cost less than Apple’s versions too, though that’s just speculation for now.

These would be handy additions in any case. We haven’t finished reviewing the Pixel Tablet yet, but in our hands-on Pixel Tablet review we noted the lack of a keyboard folio as one of our main issues with it.

Otherwise, our early impressions were largely positive. We praised its versatility, with it being able to work both as a tablet and a smart display, along with its competitive price. So the addition of a keyboard and a stylus could potentially turn an already likely good slate into one of the best tablets.

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